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Our firm creates a collaborative partnership through which clients can effect greater positive impact as leaders and realize their fullest potential. Our coaching results in greater self-awareness, increased action, and higher levels of achievement. We approach our clients as wise leaders who are hoping to grow, both for themselves and for their organizations — leaders who see themselves and their organizations as continually learning and developing.

We also coach leaders who are searching for their next endeavor. Such transitions might include internal job changes, external searches, vocational shifts, or retirement. This type of coaching and advising addresses the job search, the self-assessment, and the discovery of new options.

As we live and learn we discover that “there is no there, there”, life is a continuously evolving experience that we guide toward positive contributions and successes. We help people to continue their lifelong learning.

Our emphasis is on awareness, action, and achievement.

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With Jim’s help I have come to understand the importance of trusting my own counsel and leading with authenticity.

Peter Davies National director, Club Managers Association of America