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Johanna LeStrange

I was hesitant to try coaching as I knew it would challenge me in ways I hadn’t experienced before and push me outside of my comfort zone. I decided to work with Jim after being unexpectedly laid off and struggling to figure out my next move. However, within the first 3 sessions I identified and dug into my key professional strengths and weaknesses. This allowed me to determine where I’d be the happiest and most successful working next. I found the exercises and questions Jim posed to be insightful. They required me to step back and reevaluate myself from both a personal and professional angle. Investing my time in Jim’s process led to a job offer from a leading retailer based in NYC in under 3 months. My choice to work with Jim was a crucial step for me to regain my confidence and advance in my career.

Johanna LeStrange Ecommerce Manager

I began my coaching relationship with Jim when I was in the middle of both a personal and professional transition. After ending a 25-year career in the federal government and a tumultuous romantic relationship, I was uncertain about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. Working with Jim helped me to identify my desires and make steady progress toward achieving them. Jim’s dedication to my growth and ability to guide me to deep truths helped me see how my thoughts influenced my actions and led to my results. His direct but gentle coaching style allowed me to envision and step into a whole new world of possibilities. Today I am in a beautiful personal relationship and making strides in my newly chosen profession in large part because of my work with Jim. A year has passed and I am continuing in my coaching relationship with Jim. He is now helping me fine-tune my approach to the new challenges in my wonderful life.

V.G. Retired CIA officer
Peter Davies

Jim’s insightful and compassionate coaching has transformed a period of unemployment into an experience that has strengthened my resolve as a person and as a leader. With Jim’s help I have come to understand the importance of trusting my own counsel and leading with authenticity. As a result of Jim’s coaching I am writing my own narrative.

Peter Davies National director, Club Managers Association of America
Allan J. Belden

I have worked with Jim over the past few months. In my journey Jim has been very helpful in allowing me to try to reach my full leadership potential. The candid conversations that Jim and I have had allow for thoughtful introspection. The questions that we are sometimes forced to ask bring forth answers that surprise even ourselves. Jim’s coaching keeps me focused, energized, and provides me with the necessary perspective to attain my leadership goals.

Allan J. Belden Head golf professional, Worcester Country Club
NEPGA Golf Professional of the Year, Massachusetts
Hale Pulsifer

In 10 sessions with Jim I learned more about developing as a leader and team player than in 10 years of mentoring relationships at work. Thank you Jim.

Hale Pulsifer Corporate finance professional